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Digital Conductivity meter is precise and rugged instrument designed for most accurate measurement of conductance. Generally the measurement of conductance is not any harder than measuring resistance in fact conductance is the inverse of the resistance. However most ohmmeters operate from direct voltage and current if were used in a liquid it would invariably give raise some sort of electrolysis that would distort the measurement.
To counter the electrolysis the meter must operate with on A.C. voltage or current of sufficient high frequency.
A probe for measuring in liquid is made readily from a print header. Two header (preferably gold plated) from an excellent probe with fixed distance between the electrodes. The link between the electodes and connecting wires should be made waterproof. This probe is connecting wires should be made waterproof. This probe is called cell. This instrument is calibrated for cell constant one.
Conductance S = Siemens = 1/2 international unit of conductance.
The applications of conductivity meter in textile manufacturing water works department, laboratoriesa and educational institutions.

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