Plating Thickness Measurement-Micro Test
  Micron Guage
  Digital Coating Thickness Guage Model-CG-M07
  Utra sonic Thickness Guage
  Table Top Model
  Table Top pH Meter
  On Line pH Indicator
  Pocket-Type pH Meter
  SMPS Based Hull Cell Rectifier
  SMPS Based Rectifier
  Digital Electronic Timer With Flasher/Buzzer
  Temperature Indicator & Controller
  Salt Spray Apparatus Model-ke-07
  Salt Spray Test Chamber
  Electroplating Rectifier
  Portable Plating Barrel & Portable Handing Barrel
  Filter unit
  Cross Hatch Cutter



Electroplating rectifier is a kind of electronic device which changes high voltage alternate current (AC) into low voltage direct current (DC). Electroplating rectifier is a very crucial component for any industry. For different industrial applications the electroplating rectifiers are available in a range starting from 1 Volt to 1000 Volts, to suit varying industrial requirements. Today these rectifiers are being used for various electro- chemical processes like Anodizing, Hydrogenation and more. Electroplating is a technique accomplished through electro deposition process. The process involves producing a coating, mostly metallic, on a surface by the action of electric current. Electroplating rectifiers are single phase or three phase devices on the basis of their rating. Generally, 8V, 12V, 16V, 20V, 24V rectifiers are used in industries having current rating of 500Amp and above.
Input Voltage
240 V AC + 5% in Single
Phase 240 V AC + 5% in Single Phase
Output Voltages
Up to 30 V DC or as specified continuously variable from zero to maximum rated DC Voltage as specified.
Output Current
1 AMP to 3000 Amps DC
Type of cooling   A. Air cooled
B. Oil cooled
Protections   Over load protection and short circuit protection at input
with MCB / MCCB or HRC Fuses.
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